some of my holistic information I teach and do

Complimentary Alternative Holistic
This includes, energy balancing
solfageo scale tunners otto and angel tunners
soma energectics energy vitality technique

therapeutic touch
infratonic 8 pain therapy teaching
Organ energy voll reading
auricular electric acupuncture
electrical stim pain relief teaching


Here is what I do for you.

Diana McClintic RN, Board certified Holistic RN, DR.SC. Naturopathy

Interventions most frequently used in Holistic Nursing

Art therapy
Cognitive therapy
Ear candling
Energy balancing
Exercise and movement
Goal setting and contracts
Guided Imagery
Healing Presence
Healing Touch Modalities
Holistic Self Assessments
Humor and Laughter
Music and Sound Therapy
Nutrition Counseling
Play Therapy
Relaxation Modalities
Self care Interventions
Smoking Cessation
Therapeutic Touch
Weight Management

Every session is a session tailored to meet your needs. Teaching and guided imagery are present from me while you are having your reflexology, infratonic 8 therapy, and sound energy balancing session. What you need comes to surface and our next session is based on what you need.
Your holistic assesments take you into your own created healing plan. Unlike any other you have every experienced before.

Naturopathy teachings include

Responsibility and empowerment for your health
(You pay for your teeth and car care, your health path improves when you pay and support your teacher)
Breathing techniques, fresh air, sunshine, water, food
Body alignment
Continued access to knowledge—so you can gain power for your self healing path.
Using fresh water–Juicing
Teaching in use of herbs only if the person so desires and is responsible
Balance in everything
the way you think
the vitamins you take
the food you eat
the way you treat others
Guided imagery
The healing crises teaching
Sound therapy
Electronic pain support
Energy vitality techniques
Creative visualization
and more


I do not claim any cure. It is your choice but I advise you to see your MD.

As a Dr. Sc. In Naturopathy I am a teacher. I can teach you what I have learned while in college. I can give you the knowledge you have been looking for. We all know knowledge is power.

The Dr of Sc program requires a lengthy life process publication, followed by BS, MS in Natural Health. A BS dissertation and an MS dissertation. Then the curriculum for the Dr Sc. followed by 5 actual case studies. We take the same boards as the naturopathic college campus does. Clayton college of natural health students pass the boards at a high rate. Attention is paid to every level by home projects after pre and post exams are completed and numerous essays. Basic, and advanced herbology, iridology, homeopathy, degenerative diseases, immune diseases, environmental toxins, healing from within, and attention to the basic, fresh air, water, sunshine, the right foods is in the curriculum.
The school closed after Hulda Clark died, she was a CCNH graduate. The quake watch doctors were after her taking her to court often as her clients would claim she cured them.
The school could no longer pay for all the harrassment they got from the quack watch Doctors who are really just who knows. Pinkertons?

The gathering time 2004

You will find though play time is over,
relearning Love and Energy is fun.

Many of the knowing people,
have suffered enormous rejection.
And these people are those for whom I make this dedication.

To keep the healers at a lower vibration was their goal,
just to ignore true healing you know,

How many times did you find your Spirit,
only to have it disconnected
By those of this world who think,
You will stop when your rejected.

Listen to those who have gone beyond,
the holding onto pain,
Those who learned to let go
to live this life again.

The walls the Un doers made were so thick,
But look with your eyes closed,
now you have doors in the brick!

Open the door, reclaim you soul,
Stay on your path.
No matter what ingrained belief must go

Meet at the quiet space in the mind,
Where you become separate,
in three dimensional space and time.

Learn from those who are growing,
To stop this nonsense of breaking the hearts of the knowing.
It wont hurt much to learn to let go of pain,
To learn to pick up the pieces of your lost soul,
To be whole again.

The time to renew your lost spirit has begun.
It’s a time for the gathering of Healers,
Just ask in your mind,
awaken those feelers,
and the gathering you will find.

I wrote this at the start of my first healing center.

Its tough to take control after what you have been taught
you must loose control to take back the control you got
Its inside you, you know,
so come to me and you will grow!

Diana McClintic RN
Dr.Sc. Naturopathy
I can do holistic party if you need a great party for a birthday person in your home.
I bring the healing tools. You do all the food.
150 dollars for a 2 hour party.

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