a mini resume — Im looking for barter/exchange room and work, equal exchange

I have been traveling throughout CA for a year and a few months now. I’ve been up the Coast visiting many libraries, parks, rest stops. I am a lightworker working on raising vibrations everywhere. I work with Angelic support since a near death experience at 4 and another at 54. I can do readings as well, if a person is open to that.

My professional work experience was 30 plus years of Nursing. I became board certified holistic in 2002 and paid the dues and fees and got that updated to 2012 but did not have the money to update and pay for it this past Nov. I passed a 6 hour board exam.

I took online courses through the late Clayton College of Natural Health. The BS and MS natural health and ND and PHD holistic nutrition. The school closed after is biggest supporter died, Hulda Clark, and the quack watch team went after the college as they could no longer go after Hulda.

I have a wide variety of abilities. Alternative, Complimentary, and Holistic. I believe that everyone has the God force/LIfe/Transcendent Nature in them and that we are whole. I also believe we are spiritual first which is housed by our physical and mind. I have at least 20 therapies I can do, therapeutic touch, reflexology, acupressure, all kinds of meditation and relaxation, life coaching on thoughts and cleaning up self talk, counseling in natural therapies. I love to make oils. I have healing hands that get better as we keep ascending in vibrations, I do the tuning fork solfeggio healing as well .I know how to help people light their internal flame and be the light of the world.

I would be great as an instructor, helper, teacher, staff support, and management to bridge all support staff together as one.

I am definitely a unique person who has been on the road since 10/11 and now in N. CA.

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