Im all about well being and good health

I am an ordained minister.
I am a board certified holistic RN. 
My other degrees are online natural healing MS and Dr. of Naturopathy through online schooling.  – you can see what that is about. I do the energy vitaility  solfageo color and sound tuning forks. Also Angel and Otto tunners.
Now the tuning forks also work welln for those who have lost their sound  who need that vibration.
I am basically spiritual. In the board certified holistic courIse we learned a lot of energy healing.
I am the master of letting go. I can tell anyone 100 ways to let go and boy do they get mad at me. 
I also teach meditation and relaxation techniques.
I have the provitalizer plus which you can learn about at But dont buy one unless you go through me OK.
Its 3000. I do the service for 70/hr that includes the provitalizer plus. (electro acupuncture) it reads your energy, what your lacking and feeds energy back through the cypernetic loop. I have the infratonic 8 which is listed as massage and it is a magnetic vibration that was studied to fix the sodium  The pro-vitalizer is hand carried from Russia by Doc vonPeters. Foot reflexology is great and can bring about healing.
Over the phone or on radio shows I can do Archetypal card readings that have 12 houses and talk of your soul contract. What is in the shadow still and where the light is and success to get to the light. This is an hour process. And over the radio show I can also do the tuning forks. My hands have awakened to healing as well so sending energy healing to folks is good over the radio as well. I do short meditations for each person. I am also being shown what people need to activate their light. Sometimes I am shown medical intuituve information. Its new that messages are comong through. Im making my own cards because I feel cards are not giving us the high vibrational messages. I just like to see a car and then the energy comes to me in vibrations and images that I tell people.
So do you need a radio guest. Or do you need a service in person. people have the right to do what they want to do to learn inner healing. 
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