I’m only up to Seaside Beach, on facebook, where Im writing my book parts of what I have down lightworking on the road. Now summer has begun in May. I will also have a birthday in a few days. If you are reading about my travels since 10/11/11 on facebook I will be headed on over to Marina Bay in writing the book excerpts. That was 9 months ago and now today still Lightworking on the road still. And staying in SAC as the universe seems to want me here until the car is healed.

The blossoms on the fruit trees are pretty yet they are vanishing as fruit is growing. Just like you, more giving serving loving gentleness being kind, rather than being right. I’m hoping people will upgrade or wake up more to Just be kind. I feel that As you feel yourself with this it pushes out your ego demands. Your blossoms drop and your fruit grow. The divine people begin to show up when you live from unfolding your life. Sychros are coming in big time now. I hear the song night moves and I am moving only at night now to where I am going to be during the day and then at night to where I am going to sleep.

I was a dark-haired beauty with dark eyes
restless and bored living by the sword
working on the night moves. The summer in SAC beginning and I’m working on the night moves, the summertime summertime, sweet sweet summertime. Oh SAC, oh universe, why did you chose to keep me here?

The SUMMER IN SACRAMENTO begins. Never thought Id be in SAC for the summer. Only driving at night cause of the problems with the car. Attending peace church meetings. Learning how everyone who is of service works it. And wishing there were more up to this level already. Im still working the 5D and all the movement of the new energy. I learn what works and what doesn’t. Still believing in the other side and still believing Wayne Dyer. Its true when you don’t have much to lose its funny how the night moves, answers come and because you are expecting and attracting miracles It happens!

I wont forget this spring summer in Sacramento and this chapter will be named night moves. As it seems me and the car are only moving at night until we figure out how long will it take for the exhaust to clear. This reminds me of the man in flagstaff and why would a car problem remind me of a man. He was a great kind man and had good ideas. He gave me his home generously in welcome to a lightworker on the road going to 11-11 in Sedona, when it snowed before 11-11 and he knew I was staying for 11-11/. So he went to Mexico and I stayed with his dog throughout the snow storm until 11-10. He was writing a book about what is wrong with cars could be what is wrong with the people who drive them. At that time my key was not easily unlocking the car door. So he said you must feel locked out. So now , So a spark plug blew up , then the chamber filled with oil. Now with new plugs then the oils is making it way out the exhaust. Until then we don’t know if it is a shot engine. Or just had a bunch of oil to clear out of the exhaust. So how does all this relate to me? I must try to find Tim. He would love to have this for a chapter in his book. is the oil gonna clear out of the exhaust and all be well? lol what volcano do I have coming out this time? Will Wayne Dyer says people squeeze us. And if out of us comes more darkness then the only thing that brings us out of darkness is more light. I still will have to see what Tim would say.

I’m at community center. sunday the car spewed oil just as I got to the church. it was a broken spark plug that threw its cover off and oil had come into the spark plug hole. the guy replaced them and it works but is still getting rif of oil fumes. I fell down also;. tripped trying to catch up with this man on a crooked sidewalk. was ready to call it quits. the woman who goes to pow wows with me stopped at laundromat and talked me into not giving up. wont be able to get on facebook today.

I had ice packs from frozen hamburger I took from church fridge without asking on till 10pm. the truck stop was full. a man tried to get me to do a blow job for 20 dollars. he was a normal man driving a new house trailer to CA from Indiana. I laughed in his face at that 20 dollar thing. they should at least say 60 dollars when they ask so you can have a full tank of gas and eat and I told him that. He said other truck stops still have the 20 dollar gals. He was my sons age. I did let him buy me soup but wouldn’t allow him to talk about blow jobs or nothing telling him I’m not degrading my spirit so shut up. So he wouldn’t buy me a shower.

one knee and wrist is ok thanks to prov plus the other wrist and knee is still bruised and hurting.

That was monday. And now its thurday and my hurts from falling down are healed. My car seems to be driving ok except for the feeling it needs a great cleaning and air filter. I hope the cleaning of the fuel injection wont be expensive. I see the car on the road and I know I attract miracles.

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