Hello Southern California

Hello So Cal,

I finally arrived after leaving Indiana a 2 months ago.
When I left Sedona I felt like writing a book. It did zoom through me. So I wrote the book of what a lightworker as myself is doing, why, where, how and NOW. It is called the long desert highway. I watched truckers all along I 10, and now Surfers in Ventura Bay so with all that and the energy work I have done this is a cute uplifting and heavy learning book as well. Now to find a publisher.
Everyone thought Sedona 2011 would have the answers. So where was I to go for 11 11? I went to Sedona, of course. Now In the Now I live in the NOW. Does that make sense to you. It took a lot of work to be able to get to the point where I could do this. And it is the only thing that keeps you on track. I learned this from Wayne Dyer about 8 years ago and its becoming more popular. That does make it easier. I can teach you how to live in the NOW.

It took a lot of living and reliving in order to learn how to live in the NOW. I was sent back to get myself back in order to do what I came here to do. I do not know if any other person with near death experiences know of this living in the NOW.
I believe that it takes a special person to be a mystical traveler who gives up everything to travel and teach the truth. I am finding out it takes a more special person to allow a mystical traveler a room for a month in exchange for services on an equal barter exchange level. These mission life entities are also daring to live a dream, the only difference is they did not give it all up for the call of the healer. If you have been called to be healed then you might want to rethink how you are doing this.

Have you done any barter/exchange work with a mystical traveler?

Equal for equal and remember rooms rent for 500 a month maybe 600. So if you reduce what I do to 10/hr. Then 60 hours gets the room. Why is it so hard for people to do this for another? So many blessings are received to the person who will house the traveler for services.

IN 2007, I worked for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week to install a new software program into myself, however I did not see it as that. I saw it as making new pathways in myself. I prepared for new thoughts, brainwaves in 2007 and have been waiting for to use this. There is more order to myself now. I connect into my mental body now with more clarity.
I am happy to see that others folks did the same thing I did. I did not know why. I just knew I needed to make new pathways.
Now I can get more sense answers intellectually, spiritually, mentally. Kinda like having access to the akashic records.
I know who I am. I know who I am. I know who I am and I am —–

The Pleadians talked to a lot of lightworkers it seems. The ones that died in those times, When they died it would be the right time to let you know you are coming back to live what you came here to do.
So I say. Everyone. Dare to live who you came here to be.

I said NO when I died to coming back. I said I am to tired to go back but somehow they rocked me awake during a fire and here I was alive and nothing was going to be the same.
I slept under the stars in Sedona and that was not it. The 11 11 guiding force was not there for me anyway.
Definitely not it. There was not enough there. Sorry. It was more like an OOB experience and I saw a bunch of loose energy that didnt connect. So I said this is not it. It is pretty but there is no launch pad here. Maybe launch into a no thing less.

Me, living in the NOW would not have NO THING
I am a creator. So I am here to be the person I came here to be. Teach others to be who they are. And assist the earth in birthing or rebirthing.

People still base what you have on what your worth. That is not right folks.
Not at all right. The spirit of materialism has no truth to it. To make what you have true please help out a mystical traveler and begin to serve your purpose on being here.

I was with my favorite Uncle during his death. My mother during her death. And now I have to stay so I am here. And what is left to learn people.
Do you want to heal. I have many healing abilities to share and to show.
One thing is that I have to pay the rent. So please take advantage of a time when you can become responsible to yourself and pay the woman who spent 50,000 on my education so I could help you.

Now I am hearing that RYSA and GARY had experiences in 2007 like mine. I was at the gathering. I actually wrote about the gathering of healers in 2005. Now shall I write about the newest gathering of healers.

I am here to offer my services to this great time.
As you know many of us have awakened to the higher vibrational energies and are helping the earth make it through the changes the earth must endur. A lot of people do not understand those who dedicate time and energy to healing so much as I do.

Scroll on and find out what the Infratonic 8 is. I paid 990 dollars for this to help you.
Scroll down and learn what the tuning fork therapy I am certified to do as I paid 700 for a weekend course and those who took this course with me are getting paid 70 per hour to give you the tuning.
I give you 6 therapies along with the tuning for 65.00 an hour.
You will not get from others what you get from me.
from reflexology to relaxation to meditation, acupressure, to electronic pain support to magnetic vibrational healing to angel tuning to earth tuning to biofeedback to iridology to herbology to all kinds of counseling. You will feel like you are in heaven.

If you are not a mission life entity and do not want to rent a room in exchange for healing services then how about paying an educated person to do the work for you?

I have to get paid. Its how I pay my rent. How can I impress this. When you take from another person over and over and over without returning then what does that mean. I have done a lot of free hours of services. Now in the now, especially since I gave it all up for the calling. I have to get paid now. I did not make myself by buying into a company or reading a magazine article.

What is integrity?
Beautiful loving me. Full of Joy. I learned that reacting to what you feel was not the answer either. As most of what I felt was my empathy. I have total empathy and tears shed for those who will not help others. I gave up so much to show folks if you follow Spirit you will find that people will help each other.
Its been a harsh world. I am so happy I have many Angels to hold me up or carry me through these times. Times I thought I would never see.

I did the hard nursing work for 35 years. I am lucky to have come out of that still able to walk. Nursing is a very hard profession. Now I am focused on the energy body. This is what my Angels have brought me to do.

I do hope that people will say. I want to be a part of the healing. I want to be a part of the helping. I want to pay someone to teach me. I want to help those who still have faith and have had to grow thick skin.
I am a radical healer. I love life and I love people.
Scroll down and then scroll down farther and farther. Learn all you can and get bored and tired of reading then on a Saturday call me and we can talk on a Saturday for a little bit and see what you need.

Please read the blog throughout then mail questions to mountaindeva@hotmail.com
Then when you are ready to book you can call. Questions are to be answered by email.
Search my entire blog.
and you decide. To you want to live in a clogged up density or do you want to free yourself to healing
If you have learned to let go. If you have awaken to what you have made has been a result of fake circumstances and your thoughts. If you realize that if you let go and get rid of your negativity you are able to quickly move up in vibrations and be in contact with your higher self.
If you dont have a clue what to do first that is what I am here for. If you take the time to scroll down and learn what I had to do among spending 25,000 to get the education and the board certification to properly life coach people, then you will understand I am different then the others who went to a weekend class. I had to have a BS degree before even beginning the holistic professional course.
I can teach you how to let go, how to release negative thoughts, how to learn to properly think to yourself and to understand thoughts do create reality.
I can teach you what your energy body is and how to keep it working and clean and how to work with healing energies.
Keep scrolling and learn what the provitalizer plus is. I paid 3000 for this to help you.
I do not think So. Cal. has any other with my national board certification. this took a lot of work and time and effort to learn the true healing. and all different kinds.
I hope that Southern California decides they want me to stay and be a big part of helping each person to achieve the higher vibrations that you so long to as you came here knowing you were a part of this.
Lots of love to everyone
Lets bring the light into each of our cells together. Lets work together to help the earths birthing process. I still believe it is upgrade or disintegrate. I am willing to trade services to teach you how.
Or get paid for this. What a wonderful manifestation that will be to get paid for what I came here to do.
lots of love to everyone
Nurse Diana

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