What are the shapers doing for you? Here is what I can do for you.

I hear a lot of what I was teaching in 2003 is being taught today as something new again. In hearing this I come to a conclusion that there are a lot of people just waking up and the reason these teachings are still so important is that we need to make sure we teach those who are just now waking up everything those of us who have been in spiritual growth for years and years take as common knowledge.
I heard one show say the new message for this month from the moon cycle is electrical and the message is to say to yourself “How can I be of service”. Well this is a part of a daily prayer I do. To always be grateful for the service you can provide and ask then how can you be of service for today.

If you can not do this with an open heart then you are not a teacher yet. This entire post is all my thoughts from years of experience.
She did not explain why she assigned a month of moon rotations to be electrical. I think she was meaning frequency. And that is true that frequency is a connection message. Oh I get it now. You get an electrical charge when thinking spiritual.

Did you know that in the solfageo scale tuning for energy and vitality that 500hz and above are frequencies to connect to the heart, throat, and crown? To me it is essential to hear these frequencies at 500 and above in order to connect the dots, and align to your spiritual power and growth. In the energy and vitality methods of tuning I first help you connect to your base or sacral chakra and the otto forks that will get you to the vibration of the pulse of the earth. Blockages are removed there with the tones, colors, and vibrations. We move up to the crown and then I use the Angel tuners and help people connect to the bridge. In order to see this bridge you must close your eyes. Toss out your rose petal path to the bridge. And there from the bridge the many Angels you ask to assist you come from your bridge through your rose petal path and into your heart as you ask so may ask for this. People need to understand these days what your power is. And that brings me to important lessons I have learned this summer from the Angels. My Angels change the energy of what is going on by what others have put out there, for even others to believe about me, which is not even a real vibration of me. So I do not have to be a part of the energy of that. My Angels will work on this and change the energy of what others have created for others to believe, which is not true. That is amazing to me. It is what others perceive and out of the dampening of who they dont want others to know about. Well, my Angels can change the dense low energy of what society and what other folks on a spiritual path create, while I am up and over all this, not even thinking of it, and in the higher vibrations of 500 and above, creating what is my highest good. My Angels are changing the dense vibrations from life that are not part of my vibration. I just do not accept negative or low dense thinking or acting in my field. That was a lesson in and of itself. This took me years of learning. Why others wish to even put it out there that you are a less vibration than who you are. If they are spiritually awake. They can see your light. Again, just remember it is not you, what others put on you or blame you for. It is them. So, do not fret and worry over it. Stay in your higher vibrations and create your life from there. The rest, upon request, the Angels work out for you.
Ask and allow your Angels to change the energy of what others do or attempt to do. Wow, that is a lot of lessons.

Sound, color, vibration, this is important today. Not all that verbiage and rambling. Lets get back to what is of higher vibration. And lets start with what you need to learn. If you just woke up then let me know and together we can set your compass on your path to your Angels or other methods of information you need to make a decision of how to have a better life.

Interactions taking place in the community may be showing you negative aspects and imbalance. I would like to bring you into a positive focus of love. Help you to give you your esteem back. At this level where you create your energy in order to create a positive change. It sounds like a lot of work to you, right? Well change that thought first. First things first are right thinking for yourself.

If you are in Indiana, well, now So. Cal. Ventura. You are lucky and I can come to you. If not we can do email support, teaching or phone readings and consultation. I have 100 different important classes and they are all easy enough for you.

My rates are low. just a donation of 1 dollar a minute. For this one dollar a minute I do a lot of work for you. This is how I pay my bills. And I can provide for you anything you need to know as you are waking up.

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  1. Jon Almada says:

    Great article!

    Hi Jon,

    Been awhile since I was on the net. Im glad you looked at my blog.

    Thanks, I promise to write more now.


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