Dropping Rose petals everywhere I go

I find it amazing how I have done things for years that people are just now catching on to. I can tell people what I can do for them and they look the other way then a year later they hear someone else is doing it and then it is like it was never heard of before. Another day I just move up and over it. There is a lot of gifts and talents I have that can heal others. But how to wake them up to this. I am not sure. So I move on and help the ones who want to be helped. I love and bless everyone else who looks for what I have offered every where else but right here with me. And I cost less and do more. Well I am on my way, in gratitude for everyone. Dropping rose petals everywhere I go.

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1 Response to Dropping Rose petals everywhere I go

  1. healthyrnnd says:

    would you like a rosepetal yet. scroll down. check out the 26 therapies. teaching many types of meditation, relaxation, progressive relaxation. Archetypes, are you in the shadow or the light, do you know how to get to the light, do you know how to let go. I do life coach counseling that involves several ways to let go. Are you awake. Are you ready to grow. Scroll down and read about what I can offer you. If you are near to me in So. Cal. I do home visits. You can come to the beach to see me and we will commune with the nature spirits and learn more about what you need. Read about the tuning forks, the chakra balancing, the energy balancing, therapeutic touch, reiki. I am certified in all this and more. Until you give yourself what you are worth you will not know as it does take one on one and it does take you taking responsible to just do it. Wake up, let go, get your energy balanced, tune with the Angels, tune with the earth, reflexology, therapeutic touch, meditation, archetypes counseling. Just what myths do you allow to run you.
    Biofeedback, electro cyber loop feedback, reading energy and replacing whats needed. Otto tuning, tuning meridians, balancing hyaluronic acid, increasing oxygen, increasing circulation. Scroll way down and read about the provitalizer plus. Acupuncture, acupressure, electro acupressure, foot reflexology. Just what do you need. After you have read and read and read, then email me at mountaindeva@hotmail.com. I wont miss a beat. You have a new heartbeat going on in every cell. Are you willing to miss a beat. After you read. Email me for questions, then when you are ready lets make your love offering for my gift of healing. I have been teaching healing for years. Its nothing you can ask one question and get the answers. Its nothing you can learn in one hour. And is it right to ask a person to tell you over and over and over. I am challenging people. Just support the natural healer that has spent their entire life learning how to help you heal yourself. Its not that hard to help the natural healer who has spent 50,000 on classes to pay their rent. What you will gain will be lots of knowledge and understanding and knowing you helped a mystical traveler. The good in it. The benefit in helping yourself and others is amazing. After you have spent hours reading this blog, then email me questions, we can talk on a saturday for 20 minutes. Then when you have your first love, vibrational healing counseling at 1/4th the price anyone with less certifications then me would even consider giving you take an hour for your benefit and so I can pay my rent. I truly do want to see all of you well and I want to use the machines I have spent thousands on to help all of you. It is all about helping each other.

    OK, I am going to meditate, pray, tune in the higher tones, bring in the energy of love or above and I do expect to see that more of you care about yourselves and me. You will not know until you spend that one hour. Oh I will give more than an hour of course, as always. And a lot more then any healer I know. Lots of love to all of you still waiting for what ever reasons you have to think about healing.


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