Health and Healing Teaching and Sessions

West Indianapolis please note you can come in person with a half price donation you will receive a 300 session for only 65 each. Most charge you 125 for just one modality. I have the 3000 provitalizer plus which reads your energy and replaces it where it is lost. It is a bioframe method. Read about it further down. And while you are doing this you will have the energy vitality technique with Angel Otto and Solfageo scale tuning forks.They do not touch you but do amazing clearing work. On your foot you will have a rsg generator which is to help immune system and over your heart you will have the air vibration of the infratonic eight on spirit to help your emotions heal. Gentle acupressure and electrical acupresure. All as you wish. While your body is recieving loving therapy that you choose to do to yourself as I teach you what it is. Then you may chose to have a foot bath. Or you may chose to have a mud facial. It is all what you chose to do. This is your time and it is time to understand your inner innate abilities do work. I will teach you what I have learned in natural healing masters degree courses while you are receiving your therapies. There is also a red infrared massage for the back and other massage modalities. Call soon as I only take one group at a time. Monday through Friday 9 to 4. email and put healing session in the search line so I will know what you need.

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