You can heal by receiving into your heart

The ability to connect to energy healing is pretty cool. To do this is not as hard as people want to make it. Think of that perfect picture of a sun held your hands as we talk about what it is that you wish to be healing and when you move that held sun into your heart you may feel warmth and love like you have never felt before.

I help people get back what they feel is lost. To receive the energy of love, compassion, forgiveness. In our hearts, we know the ways. It is easy to learn the ways to open your heart to learn from your inner guidance, intuition, and love.

I do not like to see that lightworkers still bark at people making them feel guilty. You will not feel guilty when you are with me you may learn anything you wish to learn and just talking with me all the ways I can teach you to gently let go are amazing. I have learned 20 ways to let go and I also know how to teach you emotional freedom techniques.

This is what the holistic boards were all about.

Instead of barking at people, like one does on btr even when a person tells him he is saying the wrong thing he overpowers them with guilt methods.

With me you will have no guilt. if for instance, you think you are a victim over an over for something that happened to them 20 years ago, I help you with cellular memory release. Some people are actuality around family friends or other energy vampires that are affecting them.

I even heard a professed lightworker immediately read negativity to a caller by saying its your problem. You made this happen. Now that is just plain rude and I will never work that way. That is unethical and I called him on that. Of course that is an ego trip which 2 or 3 of them have.

I actually help you and dont just say you are playing the victim. I help you to resolve what has happened to you and made you feel that way. Giving you the freedom to be you, healed, and not feeling guilty. I help you work through the sadness. With the archetypes you can see what you have to look forward to in the light.

You are not just playing the victim. You are seeking help to resolve what happened to you. Higher light readers are awakening in the heart to be able to finally help you. Lets get to work so you can get on your way to healing.

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