HEALIX The music of the spheres: Mirror One

This is a dvd and a CD.This DVD was part of earth day ringing of the rivers project. It is an attunement dvd and cd. You can see part of it on you tube http://www.youtube.com/user/HealingPartnership#p/u/1/Zr-_B6Bujao

I have extras and would like to sell these for 7 dollars for each dvd and cd set. I have 4 for sale and if you want all 4 then it will discount at 24.00. It is well worth it. You will have to paypal me a donation for this. It is the only way I can take a payment. I love to listen to the tunes. And the geometry on the dvd is amazing. The tones are arranged as a mathematical mirror that unfolds unto a unique homeopathic sound signature.

If you find out you like this then contact me for a tuning session. You can scroll down and read about my soma energetics energy vitality technique tuning certification and if in Indianapolis your in for a treat to see me in person. 65.00/hr. I include a range of other therapies for 10 min each making this hour last almost 2 hours. Its something you wont forget.

The sonic labyrinth is a great experience making this dvd/cd set well worth the wait for me to list them here.

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