The best gift is one that will help a person find their inner healing capabilities

Hi to all the health conscious people in the world. This is just a reminder that as you browse through my blog, when you are reading, for instance, about the provitalizer plus I own. There is a sllide show in there.

Another reminder is that if your not interested in all the articles I put out to teach you what a holistic RN is when board certified then scroll past them and see all my healthy items.

And what is important to know if you live in Sagle or Sandpoint Idaho. If you are in my neighborhood and want to have a group of people for a donation of 25 dollars each everyone can have a trial of what this magnificant bioframe feedback via cybenetic loop will do for them. I still have my knee and hip because of this. And the circulation to my legs improved much. Just write me if your in my area and need a trial. And if you possibly can to buy one for your familiy and yourself. These are going to be trying times. We must work together. Scroll on down and read about all the good healthy items you need. The best gift is the gift of what will help a person.

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