I am a board certified holistic RN — What does that mean part 1

I took the 6 hour board sitting in 2002 and was the 823 person nationally to pass the holistic boards. I continued my education with 300 plus hours and was re-certified as board certified holistic in 2007. This certification is good until 2012 when I am due to be re-certified. Being certified and re-certified is the way you are guaranteed that the person has been educated, has educated themselves, and is able to write the essays, pass the board reviews, pass the interviews, continues to be educated, and practices holistic knowledge.

So what does this board certification consist of.

First off you write your life story in 3 essays that you answer for the pre-board testing. You complete the interviews. Your BS degree is researched and approved then you may take the boards aftear 2 years of extensive holistic studies. A lot of dedication is involved as you are not paid for this type of internship to become the person who understands all sides.

You must have a BS degree in Nursing or in natural health. I have a degree in both nursing and natural health. You must be a Registered Nurse, already practicing and able to prove you can care for the ill in teaching them the proper breathing, proper drinking water, proper exercise, proper mental talk, proper amount of sunshine and proper nutrition and knowledge of the energy body as well as the physical. This can be a hard ship for a nurse. Because when completed you will be a bridge to all disciplines. The one all can come to who have questions of both sides. Many nurses will stop because they have decided to just make money and the money was in strictly medical knowledge. We are going all ways now. So now is the tiime for those who did the work. Took the time. Did the education. Put out the money and lived like a poor person to learn how to properly care for people. The RN college taught us the medical way. It was up to us to advance our education.

This study of holism and its many natural healing components combines how a nurse with the knowledge of chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology all at advanced levels can combine natural health, life coaching, meditation, relaxation, reflexology, counseling, energy system balancing, holism, herbalist teaching, homeopathy, iridology, woman, pediatric, seniors, detoxification, cleansing, re-building sound healing, naturopathy, and come out with the best of both worlds.

Holistic nursing is a specialty practice as recognized by the American Nurses’ Association (ANA). The American Holistic Nurses’ Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) certifies qualified nurses for specialty practice. According to the AHNA FAQs, Overview of Holistic Nursing, “Professional certification represents an individual’s experience and demonstrated knowledge in a profession or specialty.

A nurse with a baccalaureate degree may be eligible to be certified as a HN-BC (Holistic Nurse-Board Certified) (available March 2010; a nurse with baccalaureate degree in nursing is eligible to be certified as an HNB-BC (Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate-Board Certified) (available January 1, 2010); a nurse with a graduate degree in nursing is eligible to be certified as a AHN-BC (Advanced Holistic Nurse-Board Certified). For information regarding holistic nurse certification please click here. This means that there is no legal title of “holistic nurse practitioner” on the national level; check with your state Nurse Practice Act to see if it recognizes that title.

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