Natural Plant Based Soap

Natural Plant Based Soap

Clean the body inside and out
Cut through kitchen and industrial grease
Treat pests or parasites effectively
Detoxify your body fluids in the bath
Get rid of head lice and other parasites

Miracle II products are exceptionally versatile as they will clean anything that water won’t hurt. They are naturally ideal cleaners, antibacterial products, deodorizers, insecticides, and fertilizers. All of these products contain no synthetic oils, no animal fat, and no preservatives. They are biodegradable and naturally concentrated. Use them sparingly, as less is better.

You control which items you need more of for great savings. Try a new product and enjoy the combine healing effects of all the Miracle II products.

Choose any five, regular sized Miracle II products, including Liquid Soap 22 oz, Moisturizing Soap 22 oz, Neutralizer 22 oz, Neutralizer Gel 8 oz, and Moisturizer 8 oz. Substitutions are possible, but the Bath and Laundry Ball is extra.

Please use the order comment box to specify.

For Alkalizing Bath use 1 oz of Neutralizer and 1/2 oz of Soap per bath.

Liquid Soap, 22 oz [M2S022] $15.00
Moisturizing Soap, 22 oz [M2T022] $15.00
Neutralizer Gel, 8 oz [M2G008] $15.00
Neutralizer, 22 oz [M2N022] $15.00
Skin Moisturizer, 8 oz [M2M008] $15.00

Miracle II 5 Pack

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