Your vision is great. In the Messianic Age we will be free from poverty and pestilence. Will we heal with faith, no longer fear, infectious diseases (e.g., H5N1 “Avian flu”) and cancers. We will rely on truths in natural healing; not Medical-diety / drug-industry demands that we inject, infect, and intoxicate ourselves, and our children, with various vaccines and poisonous antibiotics for physical salvation.

Equally important, can you think of a better way to end poverty, fear of pestilence, and susceptibility to plagues than by sharing the truth about Water being a superconductor–a radiant life-sustaining energy transmitter–that can be programmed to protect and defend everyone from infectious threats.

The attached link invites your participation in accomplishing our Creator’s vision of our world free of poverty and infectious dieases. It gives me great pleasure to invite your partnership in this historic launch of a program that promises to remedy poverty and plagues worldwide in one assertive grassroots action.

The Problems

As you are probably aware, the main solvable problems plaguing humanity today are:

1) lacking awareness about the toxicity of FEAR-based mentality (i.e., False Evidence Appearing Real); and the personal power we hold to prosper in all ways, live abundantly, sustainably, and heal naturally in harmony with Divinity and our human family;
2) Economic slavery, financial scarcity and poverty;
3) Diseases and premature death associated with dehydration from water pollution, suppressed immunity, and infections including HIV/AIDS, mycoplasma, tuberculosis, malaria, influenza (e.g., the ”avian flu”) and pandemic cancers, and
4) Iatrogenocide: the mass murder of people for profit directed by the global petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel that abuses people’s faith in science, ”modern medicine,” ”public health,” antibiotics and vaccinations now the leading causes of chronic diseases and death in developed countries, also devastating developing nations.

The Solutions

The program I am advancing and requesting your affiliation and collaboration is called ”OxySilver Affiliate Program.” It solves each of these problems as follows:

Solution #1: It advances a massive population education campaign that focuses on water science, silver-electroconductance, and bioenergy as fundamental to living sustainably in harmony with natural immunity, pure spirituality, and abundant prosperity especially in health. This includes the ”Law of Energetic Attraction” (universal electro-magnetism) fundamental to the concept of ”as you sow, so shall you reap,” and ”Giving is receiving!”

Solution #2: Giving people a free ”turn key” ”green business” with nothing to buy or stock capable of saving millions of threatened lives using a scientifically-proven ”greentech” product* that drug industrialists have secreted and are now attempting to sequester. (See: Nanoscam.info)

Solution #3: Provide sick, dying and caring people worldwide with information about this product called OxySilver, guaranteed to remedy their tragedy (or their money back). This product, initially developed for NASA, uses energized trace mineral Water containing nano-size silver particles that work energetically killing virtually all pathogens. It has gained substantial scientific support, and is used as a �last resort� in medicine at an OUTRAGEOUS cost ($100/ounce) 20 times more than OxySilver’s suggested retail. (See the science.)

Solution #4: Relieving the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel�s stranglehold over healthcare, humanity, and the global energy monopoly, simply by spreading the truth about suppressed Water science (especially how hydrogen and oxygen work bioenergetically), and how silver-hydrosols work similarly, through grassroots activism and educational outreach.**

So please, right now, click on this link:


to join me by signing-up freely activating your new http://www.oxysilver.com website. Then review the testimonials and science supporting my statements here and your sharing of this information and opportunity with others.

Familiarize yourself with how simple and easy this ”turn key” humanitarian enterprise operates without burdening you. Everything is automated online (except cashing your monthly check).

Your referrals will earn you and other affiliates 40% on three levels: 25%, 10% and 5%; without the need to buy, stock, or sell anything unless you want to! There are many people who will be ordering OxySilver once they learn it is guaranteed to work rapidly for people with infectious diseases, or their money back.

If you do not need or want the money you generate from your referrals you can donate your monthly commissions to charity, even set up a charity with this wonderful fund-raising life-saving opportunity.

You know people who are suffering from infectious diseases, immune dysfunctions including cancers, or desire guaranteed results from OxySilver including solid protection against the current and coming plagues. Refer these people to your website by simply e-mailing them your personal link that you get for free when you sign up for free.

How many organizations, networkers, or group leaders do you know that need money to accomplish their great goals and can celebrate with us saving lives and freeing people from corporate-controlled / politically-imposed plagues and poverty? Contact these people after you register and join me in putting this global plan into personal action for everyone’s benefit!

OXYSILVER Is an energy delivering, frequency resonating, body oxygenating, chemistry alkalizing, and cell hydrating formula featuring silver-oxygen molecules that can only be produced using special sound and light technologies. This breakthrough requires a special “reactor” that was first developed and tested by NASA scientists for astronauts and sustaining life in space. On missions in space, health and water purity is critical. Oxygen levels are vital and water needs to be reused and purified continuously. So NASA scientists drew on substantial scientific research proving silver hydrosols, in general, destroy pathogens safer and better than anything. They pioneered silver hydrosols effective against disease forming bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They developed a mineral water using a trace amount of silver. Coupled with oxygen, the OxySilver molecule replaces environmentally damaging over-used antibiotics as well as vaccinations. This is a recurring monthly supply of OXYSILVER Healthguard.

Help people all around the world by sharing the gift of OXYSILVER.

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